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From April 12th to 14th, the sixth edition of the "Grenaches du Monde" contest was held in Gandesa, in the southern Catalan region of Terra Alta.

The competition's main aim is to identify the best Grenache wines - red and white, both single varietal and blended - produced all over the world.

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September 16th, 2016 was International Grenache Day. Somewhat disregarded for many years, the "Pinot Noir of the South" now enjoys a growing reputation.

There are different kinds of Grenache. Besides the red variety, we find wines made from White Grenache, Grey Grenache and Hairy Grenache. Grenache has multiple qualities. Fruit, freshness, acidity and, most notably, the ability to convey the specific features of its place of origin.

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Located south of Ávila, west of Madrid and northwest of Toledo, Sierra de Gredos (the Gredos Mountains) is currently one of Spain's most interesting wine regions.


In fact, the resurgence of Gredos as a quality wine producing region is one of the most remarkable events occurred in the Spanish wine scene since the Priorat's renaissance, which happened 25 years ago.

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Today we are going to speak about Grenache. This red grape is thought to have its origin in the northern Spanish province of Aragón. Others, though, trace it back to the island of Sardinia, while some believe that it came from the italian city of Vernazza, Liguria.

Widely planted around the world and perfectly adapted to hot, dry climates, for many years Grenache was used mostly to produce bulk wine. Fortunately, over the last two decades, and particularly in Spain, a better understanding of the grape's characteristics and the recovery of some truly unique old vines have dramatically increased the quality of Grenache-based wines.

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