Red Wine Amadis 2005

A Spanish aged wine from Priorat that has been crafted from a coupage of Grenache, Carignan (Samsó), Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot; and aged for 12 months in new French oak barrels with additional ageing in its bottle.
Crianza. 12 Months in French oak barrels from Allier
Percentage of Alcohol: 13.5º
Bottle size: 75 cl
D.O.: Priorat
Wineries: Rotllan Torra
P 93 92 93
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Product Description
An aged Spanish wine under the custody of the Priorat DOQ. This wine, Amadís 2005, has gained international prestige as being one of the best wine´s of the world for the unique characteristics of this vintage. This wine was named after the protagonist of a medieval knight´s tale, “Los Cuatro Libros del Virtuoso Caballero Amadís de Gaula.” In this ancient folk lore, the knight Amadís fought against monsters with superhuman powers. After a story of epic battles Amadís was victorious and recaptured his lost love. This wine represents this mythical knight, Amadis, and was crafted from a coupage of Grenache, Carignan (Samsó), Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot. The harvest for this year began on the 17th of September and ended on the 3rd of October, 2005. Only the best 50% of the grape must were used to craft this wine. The fermentation process lasted for 15 days in stainless steel deposits that were kept at a constant 81 ºF (27 ºC). After the first day of this fermentation process this must received five rotations daily the extract the maximum aromatics, pigmentation (color), and other natural substances from the grapes that help to craft a more nuanced and complex wine. Amadis 2005 has been aged for 12 months in new 60 gallon (225 Liter) French oak barrels from Allier, which were of medium grain and had been toasted. This wine was then bottled and aged for a few months in the complete silence and darkness inside winery, where the climate and humidity was held constant. The production of Amadis 2005 was limited to 20,000 bottles. This wine has already had great organoleptic evolution since it was first released in February of 2008. Since this time over the next five years (2013) this wine has gained spiced aromatics, toffees, coffee notes, vanillas, and some hints of leather. The 10 year evolution (2018) is expected to present much more liquor notes of rum from its age in oak barrels. The 15 year evolution (2023) is anticipated to present black truffle aromatics, with new spices, and plum notes. This wine was ranked by the Wine Advocate at a 93/100 and the Guia de Vins de Catalunya, the ultimate wine guide of Catalonia, scored this wine at a 9.63/10.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Appearance This Spanish red wine, Amadis Rotllan Torra from Priorat, has medium-high layering and a ripe cherry red colored body with bright garnet toned edges. There is a marked tear that is inked and slow-to-fall.
Nose Amadis 2005 presents complex aromatics from its age in oak and its bottle. At first there are elegant notes that are reminiscent of animal characteristics that could be described as old leather, along with warming tobacco notes, and stalks of dried herbs. We can soon discover toasted barrel notes alongside lactic sensations, exotic vanilla notes, sweet plum jams, and refreshing balsamic aromatics that are all entwined by mineral notes. The complexity of the nose of this Priorat wine becomes more intense by the minute as it opens to the air and warms to room temperature. As this transformation takes place there are loads of nuanced and distinctive aromatic that can cause one to lose track of the time.
Palate There is a blunt initial astringency although this wine´s passage is well defined, flavorful, enveloping, well-structured, and lively. While it is true that the tannins are very present on this palate, they maintain pleasant balsamic notes along with exotic spices (potentially of vanilla), with elegant and subtle toasted notes. There is very good acidity that is persistent. The finish is long and the retronasal olfaction qualities of this palate push very concentrated wild berry jams from the palate into the nose, along with nuanced toasted notes.
Our personal opinion This wine is not for everyone. This is a high quality wine of Priorat, but it requires an experienced wine enthusiast to understand its excellence, as it is not refined. This is a complex wine in both the nose and palate, and it is forceful. When you taste this wine prepare yourself for an intense and unique wine. Also, keep in mind this is a collectors wine and that it is intended to continue aging in its bottle until roughly 2023.
Year 2005
Type Red
D.O. Priorat
Bottle size 75 cl
Serving tempurature 61-64 ºF
Should this wine be decanted? 40-60 minutes before serving
Ageing Crianza
Type of ageing Months in French oak barrels from Allier
Number of months aged in Barrels 12
Parker's Score 93
Enterwine's Score 92
Media rating 93
Percentage of variety "Garnacha":"25" "Samsó":"25" "Cabernet Sauvignon":"25" "Syrah":"15" "Merlot":"10"
Pairings Civet, Cooked foods, Cured cheeses, Red meat with gravy, Roasted lamb, Roasted lamb ribs, Vegetables
Taste Tasty with barrel notes, Very intense and inky
Occasion A special occasion, To bring to an engagement
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