Red Wine Beryna 2010

A crianza aged Spanish red wine blend from Alicante that has been crafted from a coupage of Monastrell (Mouvèdre), Tempranillo, Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes; and aged for fourteen months in French oak barrels.
Crianza. 14 Months in French oak barrels
Percentage of Alcohol: 14.5º
Bottle size: 75 cl
D.O.: Alicante
ñ 92 86 86
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Product Description
A surprising and well-balanced crianza aged Spanish red wine from Alicante which, just like the entire family of wines from the Bodega Bernabé y Navarro winery, has been crafted mostly from Monastrell (Mouvèdre) grapes. This winery is located in the Finca Casa Balaguer, in the town of Villena within Alicante. The Monastrell (Mouvèdre) grapes in this red wine blend are complemented by a coupage of Tempranillo, Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The vineyards of the Finca Casa Balaguer utilize organic procedures to ensure the maximum protection of the environment. This organic wine is never exposed to synthetic pesticides of herbicides. The harvest of these grapes was realized between the months of October and November, 2010, with only the help of small 33 lbs. (15 Kg) boxes. The alcoholic fermentation of this wine is realized in stainless steel vats, separated as per the grape varietal, and held at controlled temperatures for between 15 and 20 days depending on the varietal. This wine also receives a malolactic partially in French oak barrels and partially in stainless steel vats. This wine is then aged for fourteen months in French oak barrels with four racking processes over this period. During the third racking process all of the liquids were blended together to create the final coupage. This wine was not clarified but it did receive a smooth filtration before being bottled in April of 2012. For the 2010 vintage of Beryna, there were 40,000 bottled produced.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Appearance This wine has medium-high to high layering and presents itself with an intense ripe cherry red colored body with bright garnet edges. This wine has a marked tear that is fine, abundant, slightly tinted, and slow-to-fall.
Nose This crianza aged Spanish red wine, Beryna de Bernabé Navarro, has intense aromatics of ripe black fruits and licorice, with notes of plum jams that further enhance this wine´s fruity essence. As this wine is able to open to the air we begin to sense subtle wood notes that are accompanied by fragrant spices. This nose makes us very excited to taste this wine as we can sense the freshness of this palate. With more time to open more nuanced aromas present themselves as this wine constantly evolves over time.
Palate Beryna 2010 has an enveloping entrance onto the palate that is medium-bodied and very lively. As this wine passes through the palate we have discovered nuanced ripe black fruit flavors that we sensed in the nose, along with notes acidity that provides for a very fresh palate. The tannins in this wine are present, lively, and rough, but never bothersome. The finish of this wine is medium persistent, with some lightness, and very fresh sensations. This wine has a very well-structured palate that will continue to improve as this wine further ages in its bottle.
Our personal opinion This crianza aged Spanish red wine from the Alicante DO has a defined Monastrell character from a red wine coupage that only contains 70% Monastrell grapes. This wine is very well paired with grilled rabbit and roasted vegetables. We recommend that while you grill your rabbit, you open this wine to provide for at least one hour of aeration before tasting Beryna 2010 from the Bodegas Bernabé Navarro winery in Alicante.
Year 2010
Type Red
D.O. Alicante
Bottle size 75 cl
Serving tempurature 61-64 ºF
Ageing Crianza
Type of ageing Months in French oak barrels
Number of months aged in Barrels 14
Peñin Score 92
Enterwine's Score 86
Media rating 86
Percentage of variety "Monastrell":"70" "Tempranillo":"15" "Syrah":"5" "Merlot":"5" "Cabernet Sauvignon":"5"
Pairings Cold meats, Grilled red meats, Rice with meat, Roasted red meats, Roasted white meats, Sheep´s cheese, Vegetables
Taste Fruity and Fresh
Occasion Appetizer, Barbecue, Reunion with colleagues
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