In mid-June, the Cava DO presented a new category of products with the aim of establishing a premium category for Cavas.

This new category is called CAVA DE PARAJE CALIFICADO, and it includes Cavas coming from sites with exceptional characteristics, both climatically and geologically. 

The new Cava class is at the absolute top of the quality piramid, one level above the well-known Gran Reserva.

To be recognised as Cava de Paraje Calificado, the wines must fulfill the following requirements.

-Maximum yield of 8,000 kg/ha.

-Manual harvest of the grapes.

-Minimum age of the vines: 10 years

-Vinification at the winery's own premises.

-Maximun yield per hectare: 48 hl.

-Only vintage wines are allowed.

-Aged for a minimum of 36 months in the bottle.

We are proud to present a significant number of the new Cavas de Paraje Calificado.

Not only is Freixenet a great producer in terms of sheer volume. When it comes to quality, they can also be at the top. The proof is Freixenet Casa Sala Brut Nature 2006, made from Parellada and Xarel.lo.

Juvé i Camps is a respected winery that has obtained a much-deserved certification for its flagship wine, the single varietal Xarel.lo Juvé y Camps La Capella 2005.

Perhaps less well-known than the former, but no less interesting, Bodega Castellroig also deserves a place on the podium with Sabaté i Coca Reserva Familiar Brut Nature 2010, again a single varietal Xarel.lo.

As for the Torelló winery, they got the distinction for Torelló 225 Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2010, a sparkling wine made from the traditional blend of MacabeoXarel.lo and Parellada. 

Celler Recaredo, the first Cava producer ever to obtain a Demeter Certification (Biodynamic agriculture), has two wines in the new category.

Recaredo Brut de Brut Finca Serral del Vell 2007, crafted from Macabeo & Xarel.lo.

The superb Recaredo Turó d'en Mota 2005, a single varietal Xarel.lo. One of the absolute top Cavas and also one of the world's best sparkling wines.

On a par with the former winery, Celler Gramona closes the list with four top-notch wines. 

Gramona III Lustros Gran Reserva 2009, a delicate blend of Macabeo and Xarel.lo. 

Gramona Celler Batlle 2006,  from the same blend of grapes. Vinous and exquisite.

Finally, two wines which are perfectly able to outperform many legendary French Champagnes - and have already done so in several blind tasting events. -

Gramona Enoteca Brut Gran Reserva 2001 and Gramona Enoteca Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2001, the only difference being that the latter has a lesser amount of residual sugar than the former.

Both were aged for more than 12 years.

Until our next post,

Enjoy wine - and let it breathe.