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The Ibérico ham is the absolute jewel of the Spanish cuisine. More than that, many people consider it to be the greatest food item in the world. Very few products, if any, can match the utter deliciousness, amazing aroma and incomparable taste of the best Spanish bellota hams.

Pairing such delicacy with wine can be a tricky business. Generally speaking, when it comes to food pairing there are two possibilites. One may try to complement both products, or instead one can dig into the contrast between flavours and textures.

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When buying wine, the two most important criteria are arguably quality and price.

Though matching both variables is seldom an easy task, we have strived to do so.

Modestly, we are quite happy with the result. A selection of Great Wines under 20€.

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A distinctive feature of Spanish wines is the fact that, besides their grape variety or place of origin, they are classified according to the amount of time they spent ageing in different kinds of containers.

As is well known, ageing in oak is the most widespread procedure. Nevertheless, over the last years there has been an increase in the use of alternative materials and recipients, such as concrete tanks, clay amphorae or acacia and chestnut wood barrels.

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We are in the midst of a cold winter season. At this time of the year, there is nothing like the warmth of home.

This is the time of hearty meals. The time of substantial red wines. Wines that warm body and soul.

Here is our selection of Full-Bodied Red Wines. The best wines to drink in cold weather.

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Over the last decades there has been a lot of talk about "modern wines". However, the meaning of the expression has significantly changed in recent years.

During the eighties and nineties, the "modern wines" were those produced along the lines of the so-called "New World style". Particularly in Spain, but to a lesser degree pretty much elsewhere, wines became increasingly massive, over-extracted and powerful. New oak was not spared, but openly squandered. All in all, it seemed that wine was not produced in order to please the customer, but rather to overwhelm her. As you see, we speak in past tense. Does that mean that the New World trend has entirely vanished from the scene? Not at all. To this day, a significant number of producers still claim it as their trademark.

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Yes, getting back to work may be tough. However, despite summer holidays are over, we must have a positive attitude. In fact, September is full of great things. Just think about them for a second. What about the soporific vacation stories and the tedious display of corny photos of sunsets from your dear coworkers? And the return to the thrilling daily routine? And the endlessly long commutes that suck the life out of you? Not to mention the increasingly lousy weather, the skyrocketing school costs, that endless debate over climate change and, particularly, those damned 5 extra pounds there's no way to get rid of!

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The Oxford Dictionary defines “Rare bird” as “an exceptional person or thing; a rarity.” Knowing that the world of wine is full of such remarkable and evasive creatures, I thought it would be a good idea to try to spot some of them.

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I hear the Ghostbusters theme and I check my mobile phone. It's a message from my wife:

-Hi, Mom and Dad say that tonight they're having a barbecue with some friends. Do you want to join them?

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