This time we have prepared a selection of great wines from L'Empordà.

These are wines sculpted by the sun, the wind and the soil. Wines made from vines that struggle to survive. Wines grown in a harsh environment that brings them a unique personality. Wines made from traditional varieties, but also from international ones.

No longer a cinderella, the Empordà DO is finally beginning to get the recognition it deserves.

For example, just a few weeks ago the renowned wine critic Andrew Jefford wrote an article for Decanter where he described his visit to the region as a discovery, adding that its wines "are often clearly outstanding."

We begin with 3 white wines.

Uncompromisingly terroir-oriented, Blanc dels Aspres 2016 merges warmth, freshness and minerality in a distinctive, exciting way.

blend of native varietiesMasia Carreras Blanc 2015 by Martí Fabra can undoubtedly hold its own against some legendary wines from Southern France.

An organic white wine, Terra Remota Caminante 2016 is crafted by the French Emma & Marc Bournezeau. It shows the elegant side of the region.

Now let's have a look at this 5 red wines.

A household name in the region, Castillo de Perelada produces a wide range of products.

Perelada Finca Malaveïna 2014 is a blend of local and international varities. A successful combination of Bordeaux finesse and rugged local character.

On the other hand, Perelada Aires de Garbet 2015 is a single varietal Grenache made from a vines nested in a spectacular natural amphiteater overlooking the Cap de Creus - no less than Salvador Dalí's dreamland. -

Another interesting take on Grenache, Aroa 2015 by the Masia Serra winery is stony, deep and age-worthy. A treat.

Mature and complex, Gresa Expressió 2010 is produced by Vinyes d'Olivardots, a winery whose prestige has not ceased to increase over the last years.

Our last wine is the remarkable Espelt Comabruna 2015, a varietal Carignan made from centenary vineyards to which the aforementioned Andrew Jefford gave a score of 93 points.


Until our next post,

Enjoy wine -and let it breathe.


Gaudiu del vi.