When buying wine, the two most important criteria are arguably quality and price.

Though matching both variables is seldom an easy task, we have strived to do so.

Modestly, we are quite happy with the result: a nice selection of Great Wines under 20€.

It features 5 red wines, 2 white wines, 2 sparkling wines and 1 rosé wine.

Coming from regions all across Spain, the wines have something in common: all of them are Exceptional Values.

As usual, we begin with red wines. Produced by Bodegas Roda, Sela 2015 is a traditional Rioja blend, inviting and super fresh.

The neighbouring Ribera del Duero is the origin of Pesquera Crianza 2015, a single varietal Tempranillo by Alejandro Fernández, a legendary figure in Spanish wine.

Not very far from there, in El Bierzo, the internationally recognized expertise of the great Raúl Pérez shows in the terroir-oriented El Castro de Valtuille 2015, a fantastic old-vines Mencía.

Back to Catalonia, Finca L'Argatà 2014 is a Grenache produced in Montsant by the Joan d'Anguera winer. A wonderfully pure wine coming from biodynamic vineyards.

Heading north, we reach the wildest area of Empordà, where Espelt Comabruna 2015 is born. A single varietal, expressive Carignan made from centenary vineyards that conveys like few others the soul of that dramatic, windy land.

Our first white wine is a delicious rarity from Terra Alta, in southern Catalonia. La Foradada de Frisach 17 is an organic White Grenache produced through the old "Brisat" macerating technique, which gives the wine a particular richness and structure.

Back to El Bierzo, Dominio de Tares Godello 2017 is a single varietal Godello, one of the few serious new contenders to the title of "Spain's Best White Variety", currently beloging to Albariño.

Speaking of Albariños, do not miss Albariño Pazo Barrantes 2017. It is born in Val do Salnés, the craddle of the finest Albariño wines in the world.

As for the sparkling wines, let's begin with an all-time classic. Made from a traditional blend, and now organic certified, the Cava Juvé y Camps Reserva de la Familia Brut Nature 2015 maintains an admirably consistent level of quality vintage after vintage.

A sparkler for real connaisseurs, the Clàssic Penedès AT Roca Esparter 2013 is a single varietal, organic Macabeo aged in oak. Vinous, gastronomic and deep.

Our last suggestions is a rosé wine from Montsant. Produced by Josep Grau Viticultor, Regina 2017 is a blend of Grenache and White Grenache fermented and aged in oak vats. It has the freshness of a white wine and the intensity of a red wine.

Until our next post,

Enjoy wine - and let it breathe.