We are happy to announce that we are now online! This is very important to us here at enterwine because we have spent a long time getting everything ready to to publish this new website.


As you may know, our physical store—Celler Can Dani—has been operating for the past 28 years in Gracia, Barcelona, Spain. After three years in a quest to start selling wines online, we have now realized this dream at the website


We have done realized this dream because we are all very passionate about the world of wine and we want to share it with you. We hope to share this passion with you through our new website.


It is our goal to offer a grand selection of wines, sparkling wines, dessert wines, fortified wines, and spirits so that you may have easy access to all of them by shopping online. Everyday our online catalogue grows in order to provide you with the largest variety of wines and beverages, some well-known and others that are very rare. All of the products that we sell; however, must be high quality and products that we enjoy personally, and that are at the best value and price possible.


It is our goal to create a webpage that is agile, with the most information, the easiest system for purchasing, the safest means of shipping, and the fastest means of transportation that is possible. Please, if you have any feedback to help us improve, we would love to hear from you. 


Now, for the first time we are presenting our website to the public, and we continue to improve it daily. This is another reason we are asking for your feedback. As we are just now launching we know that we have room to improve and we would love it if our customers could help us with this!


We have some social media precense that we are also working on, we hope that you can better understand our culture at enterwine through these networks. We will also use these networks to relay news, our opinions on different wine tastings, and special events all around the world that involve wine.



We are very hopeful that you will enjoy our website and find our services useful, and we also wish to gain your trust.



Thank you for reading this and please stay tuned for future posts!