Spring has come. Temperatures slowly rise and days become longer.  Suddenly, we don't feel like eating those hearty winter dishes anymore. We fancy lighter meals.. We also fancy lighter wines. Fragrant, delicate wines. 

So, here is a selection of white and rosé wines made from expressive grapes. Both local and international.

Local grapes, such as Xarel.loMacabeoParellada.

International grapes, such as Moscatel de AlejandríaGewürztraminerMuscatMoscatel de grano menudoMalvasíaPinot Noir y Syrah.


Wines that are perfect, in short, to welcome spring.


Let's start with Sumarroca Temps de Flors 2015, of Bodegas Sumarroca, a delicious blend of Gewürztraminer, Muscat & Xarel.lo.


Parés Baltà Ginesta 2015, an organic white wine by Parés Baltà, is a single varietal Gewürztraminer that smells of broom and white flowers.


Produced by the same winery, Parés Baltà Honeymoon 2015 is an organic, smooth, single varietal Parellada.


Floral de AT Roca 2015, by AT Roca, another organic white wine, combines the structure of Macabeo with the freshness of Malvasía.


Gregal d'Espiells 2014, produced by Juvé y Camps, blends Gewürztraminer, Malvasía & Muscat in a gracious manner.


Rare and original, Botani Moscatel Seco 2013 is a single varietal Moscatel de Alejandría crafted by Jorge Ordóñez.


Now let's add a sweet touch with Casta Diva Cosecha Miel 2013, a Mediterranean delicacy also made from Moscatel de Alejandría and produced by Bodegas Gutiérrez de la Vega.


Calvente 2014, made by Bodegas H. Calvente, is our third wine made from Moscatel de Alejandría. Surprisingly sophisticated.


Our last white comes from L'Empordà. Made from Moscatel de Grano Menudo (Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains)Flor d'Albera 2013 is a little-known jewel of Bodegas Martí Fabra.


We end with three rosé wines. La Rosa 2015, by Raventós i Blanc, is an exquisite, single varietal Pinot Noir.


An interesting novelty, Fragància de Marta 2015 complements Pinot Noir with Xarel.lo and Sauvignon Blanc. A classy wine by Caves Canals Canals.


Finally, Barbazul Rosado 2015, crafted by Bodega Huerta de Albalá, is the proof that Syrah has found a second home in southern Spain. 


Until our next post,

Enjoy wine