Les Alifares 2018

Organic white wine from Terra Alta. Varietal Grey Grenache made through the "brisat" technique, aged for 10 months on lees.
On lees. 10 Months mixing in stainless steel
Percentage of Alcohol: 11º
Bottle size: 75 cl
D.O.: Terra Alta
Mono-variety: Grenache Gris
Wineries: Celler Frisach
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Product Description

We proudly present Les Alifares, the new wine from Celler Frisach, easily the most adventurous, free-spirited winery in the increasingly talked-about DO Terra Alta

The result of a trial-and-error process which went on for three years, it is fair to say that this terroir-bound Spanish white wine has revived the past in order to create the future.

Two features make this organic white wine stand out. First, it is a single varietal Grey Grenache - locally known as Vernatxa Gris - coming form a single estate with "panal" soils, Finca La Serra, located near the town of Corbera d'Ebre.

Though rather common in both sides of the French-Spanish Mediterranean borderland, up to now it was seldom found in wines from Terra Alta. In fact, Les Alifares 2018 is the first-ever single varietal Grey Grenache commercially released in the region.

Moreover, this white wine from Terra Alta is made through the "brisat" technique, which consists in macerating the wine must with the grape skins and the stems for two weeks. This gives the wine colour, tannin, aromas, and good bones. After finishing maceration, the wine was aged on lees for 10 months in stainless steel tanks.

Finally, this new Frisach white wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Aerate 1 hour before drinking.

Only 1,200 bottles produced.

Additional Information
Additional Information

The look of this brisat white wine is striking. Les Alifares from Celler Frisach has an intense orangeish colour reminiscent of a blood orange.


Intense, free, untamed... and yet neither funky nor blurry. This Grey Grenache is full of white fruit, nuanced by delightful notes of mother dough, and also an immensely expressive bouquet of aromatic herbs, garrigue and flowers, over a delicately earthy and mineral background. As this Vernatxa Gris opens - aeration is critical - all kinds of interesting aromas appear, such as candied orange rind, ginger, and bergamot.


A wine with a unique personality, the palate of Les Alifares de Frisach conveys a "natural" and rugged feeling which is simply exhilarating. Besides, qualities which seem logically incompatible are perfectly assembled here. Thus, the wine is rustic and sophisticated, delicate and substantial, tannic and light, all at the same time. Zesty and earthy, with some floral overtones and a salty twist, it has a very long, memorable finish.

Our personal opinion

"Time and skins" is the motto of Les Alifares 2018. Indeed, this wine has made quite an impression on us. It literally grows on you.

Year 2018
Type White
D.O. Terra Alta
Bottle size 75 cl
Serving tempurature 8-9ºC
Organic Yes
Ageing On lees
Type of ageing Months mixing in stainless steel
Number of months aged in Barrels 10
Enterwine's Score 95
Media rating 95
Mono-Varietal Grenache Gris
Pairings Alone, Aperitif, Cod, Grilled fish, Grilled vegitables, Grilled whitefish, Light hors d´oeuvres, Rice with fish, Soft cheeses
Taste Fresh and dry, Fruity and Fresh, Silky and intense
Occasion A special occasion, Aperitif, Because you deserve it, Romantic Dinner
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A sort of orange wine, but less tannic than most oranges out there. Strikingly original, with a character very much of its own. Curry and quince, crisp, layered. Fair price. Review by Stu (Posted on 09/09/2019)
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