Whisky Jack Daniel's Honey

This genuine Tennessee Whiskey is a distilled liquor crafted with honey following the same procedures used to craft Jack Daniel´s Old No. 7.
Aged in American oak barrels.
Percentage of Alcohol: 35º
Bottle size: 70 cl
Origin: EE.UU
Type of liquor: Whisky
Producer: Jack Daniel's

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Product Description
The base of the success of Jack Daniel´s Honey is not the honey used to produce this liquor, this can only explain part of it. The primary reason is that it is a genuine distilled Tennessee Whiskey. To achieve this high quality mark the production of this whiskey follows the same production of the classic Jack Daniel´s Old Nº7. The Honey addition uses the same iron-free filtered water from Cave Spring and of course, the same corn. Jack Daniel´s Honey is also long aged in the same very carefully toasted American oak barrels used to age Old º7. This genuine American whiskey, Jack Daniel´s Tennesse Honey, is a distilled liquor crafted from its own unique recipe while maintaining the unmistakable character of a Jack Daniel´s whiskey. This whiskey can be compared to Spanish Canarian Ronmiel spirit for their similarities, but keep in mind we are dealing with a genuine Tennessee Whiskey that is not Rum. This is a delicate subject among distilled liquor enthusiasts but we can compare pleasantries and sweetness between different types of liquors. In regard to Jack Daniel´s Tennessee Honey, it is not a bad idea to serve this whiskey cold. This distilled liquor from corn presents itself with a golden pleasant amber colored body. The nose of this whiskey presents clear honey aromatics, but there are many more aromatics gained from this honey. This whiskey has intense floral notes alongside nuanced herbs that entwine with enticing citric oil notes and delicate cinnamon coated caramel notes. The palate of this whiskey has a sharp and lively finish that is accompanied by cinnamon, caramel, and honey sensations. This American whiskey by Jack Daniel´s with honey does not have a very long finish on the palate, but it does leave a strong feeling that you have just drank a hard alcohol… with a spoon of honey.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Type of liquor Whisky
Origin EE.UU
Bottle size 70 cl
ageing Aged in American oak barrels.
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