Bodegas Añadas

Bodegas Añadas

This is a young Project that combines tradition with originality in the Cariñena region of Spain. The wines from the Bodegas Añadas winery convey this winery´s passion for their unique terroir.

In a recent viniculture project with less than one decade of existence, in 2001 the Bodegas Añadas winery constructed their winery in Cariñena, Spain. This winery´s facility presents their excitement and passion for the world of wine. This new winery was in no hurry to rush the creation of their winery or the production of their wines, but rather they were patient and sought to achieve perfection. The Bodegas Añadas winery crafts only organic wines with the minimum human intervention possible. Furthermore, this winery crafts different wines each year to best reflect the state and unique conditions of the grape harvest, without looking to the market to determine which wines will sell the best or assigning the wine with a pre-determined ageing time regardless of the needs of the specific grapes. Instead the enologist of this winery use their personal expertise to craft the best wines possible from their grapes, along with the best ageing time possible for these grapes.  

All of the vineyards which cultivate the grapes used in Bodegas Añadas wines, are the sole property of this winery. This winery has four different vineyards with over 100 hectares of grapevines that are cultivated at altitudes between 1,475 and 2,985 feet (450 and 910 Meters), and this winery´s most distant vineyard in only 6.2 miles (10 Km) away from the winery.

The concept of “Care,” the brand mark of the Bodegas Añadas wines, refers to the name that the ancient Romans used for the Spanish region of Cariñena. This name was later changed to “Caraellana,” which can be translated into English to mean “the lovely prairie.” The Bodegas Añadas are well aware of the origins of their homeland, and they too share a passion for this unique region, as well as a love for their terroir. The vision and mission of the Care mark is aimed at informing new consumers around the world about this unique region through a serious of illustrated faces created by the artist Enrique Torrijos.

The Care wines of the Bodegas Añadas in the Cariñena DO present a range of very high quality wines, all of which are being offered at an opportune price. The artwork on these wine bottles represent the tradition along with the uniqueness and innovation that distinguishes the Bodegas Añadas winery from their competition.  

  • Founded in: 2001
  • Address of Winery: Ctra. Aguarón, km 47,100
  • City:  Cariñena
  • Province: Zaragoza
  • Postal Code: 50400
  • Country: Spain
  • Phone Number: (+34) 976 793 016 
  • Does this winery offer guided tours? No
  • Does this winery offer tourist services?  No

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