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Kuhri Chocolat

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Kuhri Chocolat


  • Un-aged
  • Bottle size:
  • 70 cl
  • Percentage of Alcohol:
  • 18
  • Origin :
  • Alsacia
  • Type of liquor:
  • Licores

Availability: In stock



In the northeast of France, in the region of Alsace, the Kuhri Distilleries craft this exotic chocolate liquor, Kuhri Chocolat.

The cocoa, selected from the best French providers, is macerated in neutral spirit with 50% alcohol content for a time period that lasts between two to three weeks. This tasteless spirit absorbs the flavors from the chocolate along with its aromas and pigmentations. After the maceration process is completed the spirit is transferred to stainless steel vats for static racking. The spirit it then filtered before being bottled. Kuhri Chocolat is a chocolate infused spirit with a beautiful mahogany amber color with flashes of intense, but elegant, antique golden tones. This is clean and bright spirit that is transparent in nature.

This is not an overly powerful spirit by any means because there was water added Kuhri Chocolat until it reached the distillery’s desired alcohol content of 18% by volume. It is important to drink Kuhri chocolate cold. This French spirit from Alsacia is ideal for social gatherings, in cocktails, and even for baking with foods.

Additional Information

Year No
Type of liquor Licores
Origin Alsacia
Bottle size 70 cl
ageing Un-aged
  1. Needs Chocolate review by My lonely heart on 11/14/2017

    Oh, what a French delicacy!! So delicious it is almost painful. Divinely decadent!!

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