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  1. Kuhri Chocolat

    Kuhri Chocolat is a French spirit from Alsace, a chocolate liquor, with 18% alcohol by volume. This spirit has been crafted from a cocoa maceration between 2 to 3 weeks with a natural spirit with 50% alcohol by volume.
  2. kuhri mures kuhri mures

    Kuhri Mures

    Blackberry liqueur from Alsace-16% alcohol content-crafted through fruit-alcohol maceration


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  3. Kuhri Poire

    Khuri Poire is a French liquor from Alsacia with an 18% alcohol volume that has been crafted from a pear fruit maceration of a neutral spirit with a 50% alcohol content for a time period between 2 and 3 weeks.
  4. Licor de Crema de Arroz Glavers

    Rice cream liquor from Ebro Delta.
  5. Kuhri Pêche de Vignes

    Buy Kuhri Pêche de Vignes right here online, this is a brilliant French peach liqueur from Alsace with 18% alcohol by volume after a two-to-tree week maceration with a neutral spirit with 50% alcohol by volume.
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