How can I buy products from Enterwine?

It is as simple as adding items to your shopping cart; all you need to do is click the link “add item to my cart.” You can also add the zip code of the mailing address that you wish your package to be sent to and the cost of shipping will automatically be added to your order. If you have a coupon, before you complete your order there will be an opportunity to add your coupon code. During all stages of your checkout you can view a breakdown of your order. When you have all the products that you wish to buy, you simply have to select the “purchase” button.

Next, you will need to register with This will provide us with the personal information we need to complete your order. Next, we will need the shipping information for where you wish the products to be delivered. We then ask again if you have any coupons just in case you've forgotten any. If your purchase is a gift, just select the gift option. We will then ask if you would like us to include a personal message to be delivered with your order. To do this just select the appropriate box and we will attach your message. After this we will need your billing information. If you enter a bank card or PayPal you will automatically be re-directed to the appropriate page to complete this transaction. If you have selected to pay by check you will be brought to a separate page to complete this transaction and you will receive an email conformation with banking information you provided for this check. After all of these steps are completed for whichever payment option you have decided upon you will receive an email conformation with your order information. If you have any doubt, issues, or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone.

Absolutely not! You can buy any quantity of our products that you wish from one bottle to hundreds of bottles. We would however recommend that you buy bottles by the half dozen (6) to maximize the value of shipping unless you are buying in bulk (Also buying in three packs (3) will reduce the costs of shipping per bottle as well).

Yes! In case your order is a gift, during your checkout please select the “Is your order a gift?” option so that we can customize your order to be delivered as a gift. With this option we will not include prices or an invoice with the order. Instead, this invoice will be sent directly to you by e-mail that you provide us. In addition, there is an option to add a specialized message in the package to be delivered with the order.

If you cannot find the product that you are looking for please contact our office directly so that they can assist you. We are happy to help you with any questions and it is our goal to provide you with all the wines, dessert wines, sparkling wines, cavas, and distillates that you desire.

Here at we try very hard to maintain ample supply of all of our listed products in our personal wine cellar. If for some reason we are ever sold out of a product, we will immediately contact you with our proposed solutions. Also, at any time if we are out of your desired product we can immediately refund your order. If you prefer, we can also process your order without the “out of stock” items and ship these items at a later time at no additional cost to you. If the item that you desire can't be re-stocked we will refund this part of your purchase.

For additional information please see our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.