Grape Varieties


Red Wine Grapes In this section we have listed some information about red grape varietals that constitute the majority of the grape varietals used to produce both red and rosé wines, dessert and fortified wines, as well as some cavas that we have in our catalogue. Many of these grape varietals are well-known to the world; however, there are always new varietals to be discovered. Some of these varietals are very rare and have very limited productions; we hope to introduce you to some new red grape varietals!
White Wine Grapes Between different wines, one of the major factors that distinguish wines is the grape varietals and blends that are used to produce these wines. As far as white grape varietals are concerned, there has been great success in Spain for recovering native varietals from extinction, despite such low yields for many rare varietals. In addition, many foreign grape varietals that have been introduced into Spain have been very successful in this climate and are currently being used to craft incredible white wines and sparkling wines. In this section we briefly explain the specific characteristics of different white grape varietals, their character, and how they make our wines so unique.