Your order will arrive in our specially designed box which allows for the best protection during transportation, it is marked as fragile and delicate. With our specially designed box, each bottle is individually protected. The boxes are specially designed to hold 3 or 6 bottles with built in card board protection on all sides separating the bottles from every side of the box with protective air pockets which prevent the bottles from moving and/or breaking.

These cardboard boxes are valuable! Please re-use the boxes or recycle them, but please, never throw them away, this would be bad for the earth and a waste.

We manage your order personally with the packaging and then have your package delivered with one of our transporting experts (currently we use certified UPS and TNT carriers).

An employee will personally inform you of the status of your order at any time you desire as well as automatically at key phases of your order. When our shipping agency accepts our delivery, it is assigned a number and we will inform you of this with a link to track the shipping company´s progress online. In addition, if you are registered with this company, UPS or TNT (current shippers) will inform you directly of the shipments progress.  

Yes, of course! During the checkout process you can indicate any address that you would like to ship the package (within our providers shipping area for our products). We highly recommend that you do this is you are not home often. Anywhere where you are located during your normal days (work, friend’s house, etc.) it may be easier and faster to ship our products to you at this location.   

In addition, if the address provided is to another designated person, we recommend that you provide us with a telephone number for them so that the shipping agency may more easily contact and deliver the package to them if they are not home at the time of the delivery. If it is a gift, please indicate this during your checkout so that we do not include a receipt with pricing information.

If at the time our provider attempts to deliver the package—you are not at the designated location; our provider will retain the package and attempt to deliver it again at a later time. If the delivery is not possible the second time, the transporting agency will leave a note of the delivery with contact information to schedule a delivery according to your personal availability. This is why it is crucial that you provide us with accurate and up-to-date information so that we can forward it to the delivering agency and they can contact you.  

In the event that the shipping agency is unable to deliver your products (after a minimum of three attempts) and can also not make contact with you, the agency will return the package to our offices. Any costs incurred upon delivering the package and/or reshipping the package will be the responsibility of the purchaser. The package may not be delivered to a different address without your explicit instructions (client must assume additional costs of shipping if any are incurred do to address changes after shipping attempts have already been made).

This is a very unlikely situation; however, we know that this wine is fragile and this is a possibility, despite the fact that our specially designed boxes have been uniquely crafted to prevent this from happening.  If this does happen, when you receive the order if you detect any problems (humidity, broken glass, etc.), contact us per the instructions provided in the delivery not or email if sent as a gift. Here at we will personally investigate the issue and pay for the return shipment of the faulty product as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that due to legal issues if you open the package in front of the shipping agency and there are problems, the agency will not take the package back at this time. If you refuse the package and do not open it because you think that there is a broken bottle or problem with the order, the shipper will return it to us and we will take care of the situation. If you open the box however, you must follow the required return policy in this very unlikely situation and the shipper will not take the package back.

If you open the order and find some error, an incomplete package, or missing item(s), please contact us imminently with the information of the issue. We will accept the incorrect order back at no cost to you and we will do our best to correct the situation as soon as possible.

For more information please see our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.