Artichoke-based Italian bitter liqueur made from an infusion of 13 herbs.
Percentage of Alcohol: 16.5º
Bottle size: 1 l
Origin: Italia
Type of liquor: Licores

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Product Description

An artichoke-based Italian liqueur of the amaro type, Cynar is made from a secret formula created in 1952 which includes 13 different herbs. 

This unique artichoke liqueur is usually drink as an aperitif, either neat, with soda or with fruit juice. Because of its stomach-soothing qualities, Cynar can also be drank as a digestif.

Dark-coloured, Cynar yields some aromas of citrus and aromatic herbs. The palate is characteristically bittersweet.

Because of its amaro (bitter) character, Cynar is nowadays being increasingly used as a cocktail ingredient.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Type of liquor Licores
Origin Italia
Bottle size 1 l
1 Review
Quite odd, it makes for a killer aperitif!
Review by (Posted on 30 November 2021)
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