Whisky Toki Suntory

Japanese whisky made from a blend of malt and grain whiskies.
Percentage of Alcohol: 43º
Bottle size: 70 cl
Type of liquor: Whisky

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Product Description

Smooth and inviting, the whisky Toki Suntory is one of the best introductions into the fascinating world of Japanese whisky.

This whisky from Japan is produced with a blend of whiskies coming from three prestigious distilleries: Yamazaki, Hakusu and Chita. The main components of this blended whisky are Hakushu Single Malt whisky and Chita grain whisky (“Chita” is the grain whisky of the Suntory distillery, which has a distinctively floral character).

Yellow-coloured with some steely reflections, the whisky Toki Suntory – the word “Toki” means “time” in Japanese – has a lively, sensuous nose, with candied citrus, Cantaloupe melon, jasmine and sage honey. The palate of this Japanese whisky of the Suntory distillery is refreshing and mildly spicy, suggesting green apples, toasted nuts, vanilla and blood orange, with a medium-long, smooth citrusy finish.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Type of liquor Whisky
Bottle size 70 cl
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