Celler Sanmartí

Celler Sanmartí

A small-production winery committed to preserving a rich family heritage.

Founded in 1996 in Pla de Bages, central Catalonia, the roots of Celler Sanmartí go back no less than a thousand years ago. To make the link between the past and the present visible, the current generation of the family decided to refurbish the old country house so as to transform it into a modern winemaking facility. During the process, they also recovered and incorporated some old equipment, as the tiled tanks which are currently used to ferment the grapes.

Nowadays, Celler Sanmartí owns 9 hectares of vineyards. All of them bear the organic certification seal issued by the Catalan Council for Organic Agriculture. Located around the old country house, the vines grow in terraces separated by dry stone walls, and they coexist with olive trees, cereal crops, pine forests, holm oak forests and aromatic herbs.

As regards grape varieties, the owners of Celler Sanmartí decided early on to grow only the grapes which were already cultivated in the region back in the XIXth century. These are the red varieties Grenache, Sumoll and Mandó, and the white varieties Picapoll and Macabeu

Harvested by hand, the grapes are always refrigerated on arriving at the cellar. Then they are destemmed and transferred by gravity into the fermentation tanks located in the basement of the old country house. Alcoholic fermentation can take place either in stainless steel tanks, tiled tanks or open wooden vats. Each grape variety and each individual plot are separately vinified. The definitive blend is made before bottling.

A sort of boutique winery, Celler Sanmartí produces a few thousand bottles of each wine. In some cases, though, the production is below 1,000 bottles.

  • Year of foundation: 1996
  • Address: Mas Sanmartí
  • City: Sallent
  • Province: Barcelona
  • Zip code: 08650
  • Country: Spain
  • Phone number: 34 629 529 059
  • www.cellersanmarti.com
  • Guided visits? Yes
  • Wine tourism services?  Yes

Designation of origin:

DO Pla del Bages

Red wine varieties:

Grenache, Sumoll, Mandó.

White wine varieties:

Macabeo, Picapoll.

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3 Item(s)