De Beroz

De Beroz

In Barbastro, inside of Somontano, Spain, the De Beroz family winery is crafting wines that perfectly represent their piece of the Somontano terroir.

The De Beroz winery is situated in the capital of Somontano, which is Barbasto. De Beroz is ran by Mariano Beroz who foundedthis winery along with his children, friends, and a few other professional winemakers in Somontano. This winery crafts their wine at their modern facilities following very strict procedures that utilize the latest winemaking technology available on the market today (2013). All of the wines by De Beroz are of a very high quality.

One of the well-known Spanish white wines by the De Beroz winery is Esencia de Blancos. This wine is crafted from a coupage of Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer and it presents an extraordinary balance between these two grape varietals. Another brilliant wine by De Beroz is their Spanish red wine blend, Nuestro Roble. This red wine is crafted from a coupage of Cabernet, Merlot, Tempranillo, and Moristel grapes and then aged for six months in oak barrels. This is a complex young red wine that has been heavily impacted by the French oak and it is an ideal pairing wine.

  • Address of      Winery:  c/ B, parcela 26 - Polígono Valle del Cinca
  • City: Barbastro
  • Province: Huesca
  • Postal Code: 22300
  • Country: Spain
  • Phone Number: (+34) 974 269 392 
  • Does this winery offer guided tours? Yes
  • Does this winery offer tourist services?  Yes

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