El Circo Wines - Grandes Vinos y Viñedos

El Circo Wines - Grandes Vinos y Viñedos

Circo Wines is a new winery in Cariñena that is producing fun and lively wines that are inspired by the grand show of a circus, presenting a spectacle for the world to enjoy.  

The El Circo Wines—Grandes Vinos y Viñedos winery is a new and large winery in Cariñena, Spain. This winery is a tribute to the circus industry and each of their wines is associated to a circus act or performer.

Circo Wines was originally inspired by the “Circ du Solei,” the internationally renowned circus extravaganza that has been spreading joy and good spirits all around the world regardless of their race, greed, or origin. This winery is hoping to do the same with their wines to reach out to the world and spread their love, joy, and passion for wine all around the world.

The wines by Circo Wines are geared towards a large scale audience, especially emerging markets and areas of the world who are beginning to become interested in the world of wine for the first time. These wines are authentic and fun, and they are all presented at an incredible value and they are renowned for their high quality at such a low-price. Furthermore, these are fun bottles of wine with their creative designs made with the help of the artist Marta Lojo. These near transgressive labels are young and fun and presented in a charming, carefree manner. These labels and the performers are carefully chosen to represent a metaphor to express the character of the wines themselves. There are six different single varietal wines, each of which is related to a unique circus performer. These single varietal wines have very unique characters and we can imagine their character as the circus performers who are so loved around the world.  

Circo Wines is located in the Denomination of Origin (DO) Cariñena is one of the most traditional winemaking regions of Spain. With its poor and rocky soils, grapevines thrive at their 1,640 to 2,300 (500 to 700 meters) of altitude. These grapevines are planted in Gobelet systems very near to the ground as this micro-climate is heavily influenced by the strong Cierzo winds for seven months out of the years.  

  • Founded in: 2012
  • Address of Winery: Ctra. Valencia. KM 45
  • City: Cariñena
  • Province: Zaragoza
  • Postal Code: 50400
  • Country: Spain
  • Phone Number: (+34) 976 621 261 
  • www.elcircowines.es
  • Does this winery offer guided tours? No
  • Does this winery offer tourist services?  No

Denomination of Origen:


Grape Varietales:

Grenache Red Cabernet Sauvignon Tempranillo Merlot Macabeo

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