Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin

Since 1772, the yellow label of Champagne Veuve Clicquot has been a symbol of elegance and joie de vivre.

Founded in 1772 by Philippe Clicquot, Maison Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin got its name in 1810, when Madame Barbe Nicole Ponsardin, who had married François Clicquot, the son of the founder, became a widow at age 27.

A strong-willed woman who became a key figure in the history of Champagne, after the death of her husband Madame Clicquot took the reins of the winery and decided to make it the best Champagne producer in the world. In 1810, she released the first vintage Champagne. In 1814, Maison Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin entered the Russian market through Saint Petersburg, soon becoming the favourite beverage of the Tsar's Court. In 1816, she invented the riddling rack, a device which is still used today by sparkling wine producers all over the world. As if that were not enough, Madame Ponsardin also had a keen eye for exceptional vineyards. It was her who discovered the famous “Cru de Bouzy”, the origin of the best Pinot Noir grapes in all of the Champagne region. Because of her intelligence and audacity, her contemporaries admiringly called her of “The Great Dame of Champagne.”

The Veuve Cliquot estate comprises some of the best Crus in Champagne. The Chardonnay vineyards are located in the towns of Villers Marmery, Avize, Oger, Mesnil and Vertus.  Pinot Noir is grown in St Thierry, Pargny, Villedomange, Verzenay, Verzy, Bouzy and Äy. The rest of the grapes are bought to local farmers.

One of the distinguishing features of the Veuve Cliquot Champagnes is that Pinot Noir is their main component. The name “La Grande Dame” in the label indicates that the wine is made exclusively from estate-owned vineyards.

  • Year of foundation: 1772
  • Address: 12 Rue Du Temple
  • City: Reims
  • Province: Champagne
  • Zip code: 51100
  • Country: France
  • Phone number: 33 (0) 326 895 440
  • Guided visits? Yes
  • Wine tourism services?: Yes

Designation of origin:

AOC Champagne

Red wine varieties:

Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier.

White wine varieties:


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6 Item(s)