Can Ramon Viticultors del Montgròs

Can Ramon Viticultors del Montgròs

The Can Ramon Viticultors del Montgrós winery has recovered grape cultivation in Macizo del Garraf and today they are crafting expressive wines and cavas in a Biodynamic manner.

The Masía Can Ramón winery is situated in Macizo del Garraf where wine production began in the fourteenth century for distribution to the American colonies and the south of France. This region was later paralyzed by the phylloxera epidemic and with modernizing industries this region abandoned grape cultivation for factory work. Over time, grape cultivation virtually disappeared from this region and many old vineyards became overwhelmed by natural Mediterranean forest vegetation.    

In 2001 the Can Ramón Viticultors del Montgròs winery of Penedès was founded in the municipality of Sant Pere de Ribes in the Macizo del Garraf Natural Park, which borders the Mediterranean Sea. The Manel and Joan Aviñó brothers took the lead on this winery with the goal of producing excellent quality wines and cavas under the brand name Can Ramón. These wines and cavas are producing in a traditional manner following lunar cycles. These lunar cycles determine when various vinification processes take place and they also play a role in the cultivation of the grapes themselves. All of the grapes used by this winery are always cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner without the use of herbicides or pesticides following biodynamic parameters.

This region has sloping soils that exceed 30% grades along with foothills of Montgròs (1,175 feet of altitude) in terraced rows that have are not fertile but rather full of “dry” stones. These albarizo soils have natural calcareous qualities along with clays and a grand level of minerals. This soil combination limits the yields of the grapevines but provides for a very high quality of grape that makes for unique wines that have distinctive minerality. The white wines by the Can Ramón winery have a very long potential for ageing due to mineral characteristics.

This set of vineyards, Clos Lentiscus, has less than 22 hectares of grapevines with each individual vineyard having less than one hectare of grapevines. This winery cultivates the native grape varietals Macizo del Garraf, Xarel-lo, Malvasía de Sitges, and Sumoll grapes. These grape varietals constitute 95% of this winery´s grapes and the other 5% of these grapevines are Carignan (Samsó) and Tempranillo (Ull de Llebre) grapes.  

Can Ramón´s crafts their Clos Lentiscus cavas from Carignan (Samsó) grapes for their rosé cava, Malvasía de Sitgest for their Blanc de Blancs cava, and Sumoll for their Blanc de Noir cava. All of these are biodynamic cavas and they were crafted with the goal of extracting the fullest expression of the grapes into these sparkling wines.

  • Founded in: 2001
  • Address of Winery: Camí del Montgrós - Parc Natural      del Garraf
  • City: Sant Pere de Ribes
  • Province: Barcelona
  • Postal Code: 08810
  • Country: Spain
  • Phone Number: (+34) 667 517 659 
  • Does this winery offer guided tours? Yes
  • Does this winery offer tourist services?  No

Denomination of Origen:

 Cava Penedès

Grape Varietales:

Sumoll Samsó Ull de Llebre Xarel·lo Xarel·lo Rojo Malvasía

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5 Item(s)