Dominio DosTares

Dominio DosTares

The Dominio dos Tares winery was founded upon the dream of recuperating and internationalizing the native Prieto Picudo grape of Castilla y León.

The Dominio Dos Tares winery in Castilla y León was founded with the specific goal of recuperating the nearly extinct Prieto Picudo grape varietal in the region, as well as help this grape varietal to become more well-known around the world. The founders of this winery also founded the Dominio de Tares winery in the Bierzo and both of their wineries share the same philosophy: to craft high quality wines with pure expressions of their terroir from native grape varietals that have been well adapted to their zone and micro-climate.   

This winery´s vineyards are planted in Goblet systems following the traditional wine making practices of Castilla y León. These are ancient grapevines with ages between 80 and 110 years old! These grapevines needed recuperation after being neglected in the past as they were producing clusters with uneven ripeness and they were very susceptible to pests and plagues. As part of this recuperation process the winery used “rastra” pruning processes which utilized double cord trailing to assist the grapevines and help them to produce better quality grapes. Furthermore, this winery also designed strict cultivation procedures that were designed by their enologists as well as researches at the Domain Dos Tares University in León. With these drastic recuperation methods these grapevines now produce ripe grapes that provide for excellent wine vintages.

The wines produced by the Domino Dostares winery come from a continental region in the town of Los Oteros of Castilla y León. This micro-climate is subject to very cold winters (which is perfect for hibernating grapevines), and very hot summers. Furthermore, there is swaying temperature changes between the days and nights which helps with grape ripening. These grapevines cover over 130 hectares of land, all of which have soils that are poor in organic material and that are full of clay, limestone, and boulders. These grapevines have low yields of very high quality grapes. The best grapevines at these vineyards are situated at 2,650 feet (810 meters) above sea level on gently sloping hills.    

All of the wines from the Dominio Dos Tares winery are crafted from the most natural methods possible at the vineyards and the winery. Domino Dos Tares personally seeks out the best quality grapes through meticulous cultivation practices combined with the grand knowledge of their grape cultivators. Furthermore, the vinification processes is preformed in a very delicate manner to get a full expression of the grapes to provide for exceptional wines.

The Prieto Picudo wine by the Dominio Dostares winery has a special vinification process. After the Prieto Picudo grapes are destemmed they are crushed and only the best grape must moves on to the alcoholic fermentation process. This process is realized separately depending for each different group of Prieto Picudo grapes depending on where they were cultivated. This process helps the wine to realize a pure expression of its terroir. Some of this wine is fermented in new French oak barrels while the rest is fermented in different types of barrels where this wine is also aged in crianza. These barrels are made from a variety of French oak, fine-grained Central American oak and different levels of toasted oak barrels that are specifically chosen to best match the individual batches of grapes. Following this winery´s high standards for quality, each year 30% of their oak barrel yard is replaced by new oak barrels.

  • Founded in: 2004
  • Address of Winery:  C/Los Barredos, 4
  • City: San      Román de Bembibre 
  • Province: León
  • Postal Code: 24318
  • Country: Spain
  • Phone Number: (+34) 987 514 550 
  • Does this winery offer guided tours? Yes
  • Does this winery offer tourist services?  No

Denomination of Origen:

 VT Castilla y León

Grape Varietales:

Prieto Picudo Albarín White Verdejo Doña White

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3 Item(s)