Fortified Wine Ètim Ranci

Fortified dry wine from Montsant. Blend of Grenache and Carignan aged for 1 year in demijohns and for 3 years in 500-litre oak barrels.

1 año crianza en "Damajoanes" a sol y serena y 3 años en barricas con solera de roble de 500 y 600 litros
Percentage of Alcohol: 16º
Bottle size: 50 cl
D.O.: Montsant
Grapes Varieties: Carignan, Grenache Red,
ñ 92 93 93

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Product Description

Produced by Cooperativa Agrícola Falset-Marçà, Ètim Ranci is made from a blend of Grenache and Carignan grapes, coming from over 70-year-old vineyards with slate soils located in in the DO Montsant.

Harvested by hand, the grapes were spontaneously fermented with indigenous yeasts and macerated for a period of 20 days. After that, this Spanish fortified wine underwent a traditional process called "Sol i Serena". First, it was transferred into demijohns and aged outdoors for 1 year, as a result of which the wine was naturally oxidized. Then a portion of the wine was transferred into old 500 and 600-litre oak barrels, where it was aged for 3 years.

Finally, Ètim Ranci was bottled straight from the barrels. A small amount was left inside them, though, to function as the "solera" base for subsequent vintages.

All in all, this rancio dry wine embodies a winemaking tradition that is uniquely Mediterranean.

Additional Information
Additional Information

The wine Ètim Ranci is dark amber, with a mahogany rim.


The rancio dry wine Ètim from Falset smells of dry fruit, vanilla, cinnamon and bitter chocolate. This blend of Grenache and Carignan also suggests hints of aromatic herbs, leather and old wood.


This fortified dry wine from Agrícola Falset-Marçà has a very complex, gently oxidized palate which is simply unique. Nutty and polished, with a crisp acidity and a very long finish with an aftertasted of dry fruit, garrigue and spices.

Our personal opinion

The Rancio wines are an acquired taste. However, if you love Sherry, you will probably enjoy the remarkable personality of Ètim Ranci.

Type Fortified
D.O. Montsant
Bottle size 50 cl
Serving tempurature 15-17ºC
Ageing 1 año crianza en "Damajoanes" a sol y serena y 3 años en barricas con solera de roble de 500 y 600 litros
Peñin Score 92
Enterwine's Score 93
Media rating 93
Percentage of variety Garnacha Tinta 50%, Cariñena 50%.
Pairings Aged cheeses, Alone, Aperitif, Cold meats, Dry fruit pastries, Nougat candy, Specialty Spanish prosciutto , Sweet pastries
Taste Dry and aromatic, Very intense and inky
Occasion A special occasion, Aperitif, Desserts, Dinner with friends, Family reunion, Romantic Dinner
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