Whisky Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack

An exceptional American whiskey from Tennessee with a 40% alcohol content that has been charcoal mellowed both before and after aged in new American oak barrels.
Aged in American oak barrels.
Percentage of Alcohol: 40º
Bottle size: 70 cl
Origin: EE.UU
Type of liquor: Whisky
Producer: Jack Daniel's

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Product Description
This distilled liquor has been charcoal mellowed following the same smooth process of all of the whiskies in the Jack Daniel´s family. What is different about Gentleman Jack is that this whiskey was charcoal mellowed twice through 10 feet (three meters) of maple charcoal. One charcoal mellowing process is the standard procedure at the Lynchburg distillery to soften their distilled liquors before they are aged in oak. Gentleman Jack is charcoal mellowed both before and after it is aged. This double charcoal mellowing process makes for a very rare whiskey as it is the only whiskey in the world to receive a charcoal mellowing process after it has been aged. The result of this unique process is the genuine Tennessee Whiskey, Gentleman Jack, which is an incredibly smooth whiskey. After years of ageing in oak, Jack Daniel´s Gentleman Jack has acquired a bright chestnut colored body with a thin and silky tear. The nose of this whiskey is not at all rough. There are divine and clear sweet brown sugar notes that are accompanied by pleasant smoked and roasted notes that are all in perfect harmony. This whiskey has a surprisingly dry entrance onto the palate, but this is just the initial feeling. Immediately after this whiskey enters the palate we are presented with a warming feeling of delicate honey notes, spicy seasoning, and nuanced licorice sensations. The finish is persistent and leaves a citric feeling on the palate that is accompanied by nuanced subtle and delicate cinnamon notes. The aftertaste of this whiskey is reminiscent of caramelized sugar. The label on the bottle of Gentleman Jack denotes that this is a “rare Tennessee Whiskey” because it is the only whiskey in the world to charcoal mellowed both before and after it is aged in oak. This rare and unique process provides for an exceptionally smooth whisky. Jack Daniel´s Gentleman Jack is a whiskey for a gentleman to savor.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Type of liquor Whisky
Origin EE.UU
Bottle size 70 cl
ageing Aged in American oak barrels.
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The charcoal gives depth and the spicy touch sweetens it. Top. A gents drink.
Review by (Posted on 29 August 2018)
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