Whisky Jack Daniel's Old Nº7

An American Tennessee Whiskey with a 40% alcohol volume that has been aged in new American oak barrels until it achieved its optimal maturity.
Aged in American oak barrels.
Percentage of Alcohol: 40º
Bottle size: 70 cl
Origin: EE.UU.
Type of liquor: Whisky
Producer: Jack Daniel's

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Product Description
It is clear that Jack Daniel´s uses its own unique methods to craft this whiskey, and for this we can experience the unique character of Jack Daniel´s Old Nº7. Jack Daniel´s is the oldest trademarked whisky of the United States of America. One can find various stories to explain the origins of this Nº7 whiskey by Jack Daniel´s, as it is their classic product. None of these stories can be proven over the other, and it is likely that the secret of this whiskey´s origin is locked away in Mr. Daniel´s very own grave. One well known story is that Jack Daniel had seven girlfriends, none of which did he ever marry or have children with. Another explanation of the origins of this whiskey´s name came from the barrel number the original batch was shipped with on a train. An additional explanation is that this name comes from the seventh batch Jack Daniels originally crafted before devoting himself to this recipe. Finally, it is believed that this name originated from Jack Daniels initials. Mr. Daniels always signed his initials with the number seven instead of the letter J as he believed that the number seven was his lucky number. Jack Daniel´s produces its own oak carefully toasted American oak barrels to age its whiskey. Before this whiskey is aged in these barrels, this Tennessee Whisky it is passed through three feet of maple charcoal, drop by drop. For this reason, it is not a Bourbon. This whiskey is aged for the required time to achieve its very high quality and unique taste that is distinguishable among other whiskeys from the first sip. For this reason, the ageing time is kept a secret, with the justification that rich maturity does not come for ageing alone, and therefore its age is not important. This whiskey was the first whiskey created by the Lynchburg distillery. This is a genuine and authentic expression of American whiskey, Jack Daniel´s Old Nº7. The fortune is now ours by having this distillated amber-gold colored velvety whiskey of our dreams. This whiskey has spicy aromatics along with sweet sensations that are reminiscent of caramelized sugar and crème brûlée. These aromatics are presented along a background of nuanced ripe banana notes that are nearly over ripened, giving this distilled liquor very well-balanced aromatics. The palate of this American Whiskey transposes us to Lynchburg, located in Moore Tennessee. This is a smooth, silky, sweet, and glyceric palate. As this whiskey passes through the palate we are presented with delightful but subtle smoked notes and sweet spices, typical of whiskeys by Jack Daniel´s. This whiskey has a very smooth aftertaste that is reminiscent of caramelized oak and smoked cedar woods.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Type of liquor Whisky
Origin EE.UU.
Bottle size 70 cl
ageing Aged in American oak barrels.
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An old friend. Excellent price!!
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