Whisky Jack Daniel's White Rabbit Saloon

This limited edition American whiskey from Tennessee has 43 % alcohol content by volume and was aged in new American oak barrels.
Aged in American oak barrels.
Percentage of Alcohol: 43º
Bottle size: 70 cl
Origin: E.UU.
Type of liquor: Whisky
Producer: Jack Daniel's
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Product Description
TThis vintage from Jack Daniel´s has a slightly higher alcohol content than the classic Jack Daniel´s old No. 7, and it was crafted in commemoration of this distilleries 120th anniversary of the “first drink” that Jack Daniel´s offered to the world from its very own bar. This event took place inside the town of Linchburg, Tennessee, at the opening of the White Rabbit Saloon. This saloon was owned by Jack Daniel himself and it offered genuine Tennessee Whiskey before the prohibition struck Moore County in 1909. After this tragic law passed the White Rabbit Saloon was forced to shut down. Now, for the world premiere of this Tennessee Whiskey, the Linchburg distillery commemorates the 162nd birthday of is founder Jasper Newton (commonly referred to as “Jack” Daniel). This whiskey has a very clean appearance and presents itself with a bright amber gold colored body and a precious glimmer that is very smooth but equally enticing. The nose of this whiskey has an enticing aromatic complexity with divine toasted and oaked notes that are accompanied by penetrating caramelized sugar, spices, and cinnamon notes. As this whiskey is able to open to the air toffee notes begin to appear alongside fresh Cuban cigar aromatics. There is a background of ripe banana that becomes more pungent over time. This whiskey commemorating Jack Daniel´s White Rabbit Saloon has a lively and spicy entrance onto the palate with a silky passage. This passage is near buttery with mellow sweetness along a wide range of sensations and flavors. There are subtle vanilla notes, toffee notes, and overripe bananas along with lively fresh ginger. Rabbit Saloon´s has three percentage points more alcohol content than the classic Old No. 7, and while this noticeable but never bothersome. This whiskey has pleasant and dry oaked feel that presents balsamic notes alongside nuanced smoked notes. The White Rabbit 120 anniversary limited edition Tennessee whiskey has been offered since the fall of 2012 in only a few international markets.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Type of liquor Whisky
Origin E.UU.
Bottle size 70 cl
ageing Aged in American oak barrels.
1 Review
bang bang
Wonderfully spicy, with a remembrance of corn and a syrupy twist. Good ol stuff
Review by (Posted on 29 August 2018)
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