September 16th, 2016 was International Grenache Day. Somewhat disregarded for many years, the "Pinot Noir of the South" now enjoys a growing reputation.

There are different kinds of Grenache. Besides the red variety, we find wines made from White Grenache, Grey Grenache and Hairy Grenache.

Grenache has multiple qualities. Fruit, freshness, acidity and, most notably, the ability to convey the specific features of its place of origin.

So, here is our selection of Grenache wines to remember G-Day.

Beginning with red wines, from the rugged lands of Calatayud we present Breca 2013. An old favourite of our customers, it is produced by Bodegas Breca, a brand of the Jorge Ordóñez Group.

Still in Aragón, but shifting to Campo de Borja, here is an old favourite of... Robert Parker. Crafted by Bodegas Borsao,The excellent Borsao Tres Picos 2014 keeps getting high scores and warm accolades year after year from the Maryland-based critic.

Now a white wine from Catalonia. A single varietal White Grenache coming from old vines located in Montsant, Trossos Sants 2015 is a characterful, original wine made by Alfredo Arribas.

Still in Montsant, and back to red wines, we hope you'll enjoy the spectacular depth and age-worthiness of Dosterras 2013, by Josep Grau Viticultor. Outstanding vintage.

At the same quality level, we find an entirely different take on Grenache with the sophisticated Hisenda Miret 2013, an organic red wine from Penedès produced by the Parés Baltà winery.

Again in Montsant, our third confidential, small-production, terroir-oriented Red Grenache from Catalonia is La Mare de Pascona 2013, an little jewel by Celler Pascona.

Now we jump to Catalonia's arch-enemy, namely Madrid (no offense intended). Right now, some of Spain's most interesting Grenache wines-some even say the most interesting-are being produced the Sierra de Gredos area. How do they taste? Well, to get an idea we suggest that you try the deep, refined Marañones 2013, by Bodega Marañones, and the subtle, yummy La Bruja Avería 2014, made by the Comando G winery. Incidentally, these are entry-level wines that, in a blind tasting, would put to shame many overpriced wines around the world.

Our last wine comes from La Rioja. Crafted by the Palacios-Remondo winery, owned by the family of the great Álvaro Palacios, Palacios-Remondo Propiedad 2011 stands comparison with some of the most prestigious names from the South of France. 

Until our next post,

Enjoy wine -and let it breathe.