Spirits Kuhri Citron

Kuhri Citron is a distilled lemon liqueur from Alsace, France, that has a 40% alcohol content after being macerated in lemon skins for 2-to-3 weeks as a natural spirit with a 50% alcohol.
Percentage of Alcohol: 40º
Bottle size: 70 cl
Origin: Alsacia
Type of liquor: Aguardiente
Producer: Kuhri
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Product Description

The Kuhri distillery in Alsace, France, has crafted this enticing and refreshing lemon liqueur, Kuhri Citron for a two-to-three week maceration of a natural spirit (with a 50% alcohol content) in lemon skins. This process infused the spirit with natural citrus. The oils of the lemon skin were emulsified to create this refreshing and flavorful spirit, with lemon aromatics, and a slight pigmentation. After the maceration process was realized this spirit was distilled in stainless steel vats. Kuhri Citron then had water added to it until its alcohol content dropped from 50% to 40%. Before Khuri Lemon was bottled the lemon skins were filtered out as the spirit had already gained the alcohol infusion from these lemon skins.

Kuhri Citron presents a pale Straw-yellow colored body that has delicate green toned reflections. This is a transparent spirit that is bright and clean. There are delicate aromatics and Kuhri Citron has a silky and elegant passage through the palate that is very pleasant and fresh.

It is important to drink all of the Kuhri fruit liqueur products from Alsace, very cold. We personally love to serve Kuhri Citron as a digestif and this spirit is also very good in cocktails and with pastries.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Type of liquor Aguardiente
Origin Alsacia
Bottle size 70 cl
ageing Un-aged
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