Spirits Kuhri Pêche de Vignes

Buy Kuhri Pêche de Vignes right here online, this is a brilliant French peach liqueur from Alsace with 18% alcohol by volume after a two-to-tree week maceration with a neutral spirit with 50% alcohol by volume.
Sin envejecimiento.
Percentage of Alcohol: 18º
Bottle size: 70 cl
Origin: Alsacia
Type of liquor: Licores
Producer: Kuhri

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Product Description
Kuhri Pêche de Vignes is a delicious and sensual peach liqueur from the Kuhri Distillaries in Alsace, France. This pear liqueur has 18% alcohol by volume and it has been crafted from the Kuhri Distillaries own vineyard grown peaches. To craft Kuhri Pêche de Vignes there was a peach maceration for a time period between two-to-three weeks with a natural spirit that had 50% alcohol content by volume. This was a natural spirit so that it could extract the full expression from these very special French peaches. During the maceration process the flavors and aromatics of the peaches were absorbed by the brandy liqueur. After this process was completed the liqueur was transferred into stainless steel vats for distillations and later a filtration. This is a clean and bright peach infused distilled liqueur. After the distillation process was completed there was water added to this spirit to bring its alcohol content down from 50% to 18%. Now we have a bright and crisp French liqueur that has medium to high aromatic intensity of pulpy meaty fruits. There is an enticing palate that is flavorful and presents a long and enveloping passage.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Type of liquor Licores
Origin Alsacia
Bottle size 70 cl
ageing Sin envejecimiento.
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