Spirits Kuhri Poire

Khuri Poire is a French liquor from Alsacia with an 18% alcohol volume that has been crafted from a pear fruit maceration of a neutral spirit with a 50% alcohol content for a time period between 2 and 3 weeks.
Percentage of Alcohol: 18º
Bottle size: 70 cl
Origin: Alsacia
Type of liquor: Licores
Producer: Kuhri
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Product Description
The Kuhri Distilleries in the Alsace region of France crafts this delicate pear liquor, Kuhri Poire, from their own pears which they cultivate in this region. During a time period that lasts between two and three weeks a neutral spirit with a 50% alcohol content is macerated directly with these pears. This method of macerations extracts a pure expression of the pears flavors, aromatics, and pigmentation into the spirit. After this maceration is completed the spirit is rested in stainless steel vats. This spirit is then filtered before being bottled and it presents itself as an alcohol infused golden pear colored liquor with shades of amber. This is a clean and bright liquor with that is transparent. This liquor is then reduced in its alcohol content from 50% to 18% with added water. It is important to enjoy Kuhri Pear cold and this French spirit is perfect to be enjoyed alongside pastries. This spirit also pairs very well with ice creams and it is a great cocktail liquor. You can even use this spirit when baking sweets!
Additional Information
Additional Information
Type of liquor Licores
Origin Alsacia
Bottle size 70 cl
ageing Un-aged
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